- Elizabeth Kennedy, Archbald, PA

In April, 2005, Birchwood installed a waterproofing system in my basement and basement garage.  Previous to this, there was significant flooding in those areas with each drenching period of rain and snow melt.  Since the installation of the waterproofing system by Birchwood, the basement and garage have remained totally dry through torrential and prolonged rain fall.  

It is such a relief not to have to muck out a deluge of water after each rainstorm and particularly not to have to worry about the long-term destructive effect of wetness and seepage in the foundation walls of the house.  I am absolutely thrilled with the efficiency of the system and the total success at solving this distressing problem.  

In addition, the company's owner, Joe Czarnecki, was quite plain spoken and fair in his evaluation and price.  The boys on the work crew were amenable and professional.  

John Gregorowicz, Nanticoke Area Sr Highschool

Once again, thanks for your help with my system's battery.  Comforting to know that your help is out there!

Mark Seabrook, Hallstead, PA

I am writing to thank you for the basement work you did for me in my home back in February 2016.  You did a great job and I am very pleased with how dry and nice the basement now looks.  You saved me a lot of money and did a great job.  It was nice to have met you!  Thank you!

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